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EVEXIAS Health Solutions is a training platform designed to educate and prepare each practice to integrate this whole-body, individualized approach to patient care. With our focus on only evidence-based products and therapies, EVEXIAS Health Solutions has designed a one-of-a-kind Medical Wellness training platform designed to educate practitioners and facilitate the integration of Medical Wellness into their practices.

The medical industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift on how we perceive and practice the art of medicine and EVEXIAS Health Solutions’ is leading the way as practitioners nationwide are redirecting their health care objectives from the treatment of disease to the preservation of health. By combining the most advanced, evidence-based products and services with a one-of-a-kind, expertly constructed educational platform, EVEXIAS is ushering in an advanced “standard of care” in Medical Wellness.

Medical providers are now discovering what the ancient healing traditions have long known…the human body is self-regulating, self-healing and self-regenerating…and the more detailed our understanding of whole-body health, the earlier we can detect and correct the imbalances that lead to aging and disease.

This is the “advanced medicine”. This is EVEXIAS Medicine.


The pledge of partnership is a testimony to EVEXIAS Health Solutions durable commitment to each of our practices.  This means, if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.  In the establishment of a partnership agreement, EVEXIAS commits to providing unparalleled educational opportunities, unrivaled business expertise, leading edge technology and visionary Medical Wellness products and services.


To accommodate individual learning styles and to respect the busy schedules of all our partners, EVEXIAS has created and implemented an unprecedented on-line training platform for practitioners that may find traveling to our on-site training cumbersome or untimely.  But don’t be fooled, the demands of our online training will leave you nothing but thoroughly trained and positively prepared to proceed with the transition into an integrated practice completely prepared to begin offering cash-based Medical Wellness products and services.  In addition to the online training platform, EVEXIAS will continue to offer on-site, in-person training, that previous attendees will testify, is a one-of-a-kind academic experience.  In-person you will have direct face-to-face access to national and international authorities on hormone therapy and much more.

This is the
“advanced medicine”.
This is EVEXIAS Medicine.


EVEXIAS’ promise of success is backed by the experience that experts such as Dr. Terri DeNeui and Dr. Neal Rouzier and can offer, and you will do more than hear them speak.  The seminars provide many interactive discussions exploring all aspects of the therapies provided by EVEXIAS Health Solutions.

Dr. Terri DeNeui

Speaker, Author, and Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Terri DeNeui, is the owner and operator of the EVEXIAS Medical Centers and the CEO of EVEXIAS Health Solutions.  Dr. DeNeui began using hormone pellet therapy over a decade ago and is now considered a national authority on the topic.  She lectures extensively across the country on the wide-reaching health benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  In addition to her master’s and doctorate degrees, Dr. DeNeui has extensive education in Preventative Wellness Medicine and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Neal Rouzier

Dr. Neal Rouzier specializes in the medical management of aging and preventive care.  He has dedicated his professional career to bringing the vast scientific support for the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to the forefront of Medical Wellness and Preventative Medicine.  Dr. Rouzier has scoured over 80 years of medical publications regarding the impact that hormone levels have on physical and mental health and overall quality of life. As the EVEXIAS Health Solutions’ Chief Medical Advisor and lead instructor for Worldlink Medical, he lectures to medical practitioners world-wide on the safe and effective use of hormone therapy.

Dr. Kenneth Wilgers

Dr. Wilgers is a hormone therapy and functional medicine expert who has fully incorporated these and other wellness strategies into his full-scope Family Medicine practice in Beaumont, Texas. As a passionate educator and protégé of Dr. Neal Rouzier, Dr. Wilgers has a thorough grasp of the medical literature. A favorite amongst EVEXIAS trainees, he excels, in particular, at teaching the teachers. He is certified in Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Therapy through Worldlink Medical and a member of both the Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine and the Age Management Medical Group (AMMG).

Dr. John Thomas

Dr. Thomas is a general surgeon with an expertise in advanced laparoscopic, minimally invasive and weight loss surgery. Dr. Thomas introduced the first Hormone Pellet Therapy in Lubbock, Texas in 2013. He has since performed over 4,000 pellet procedures and offers a full line of hormone-supportive nutraceuticals. He is the owner of South Plains Surgical Associates, as well as Lindsey’s Medical Day Spa, where he also serves as the Medical Director. Dr. Thomas is the Founder and President of Operation Hope; a nonprofit organization that pays for food, shelter, and education for children internationally as well as in Texas. He has received numerous awards and honors including 2009 Moderator of the First Mesopotamia Medical Conference in Kurdistan, Iraq; 2009 Red Cross Medical Champion of the Year Award and 2012 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


At EVEXIAS in-person training you will attend a professional, round-table discussion with these experts, and many more.  Dr. John Thomas, Dr. Kenneth Wilgers and Dr. Amy Lungren are often present to join in on the discussion.  Whether you present your own difficult cases, or the experts chose tee-up challenging topics, the EVEXIAS roundtable gives you a front-row seat to the latest dialogues on hormone replacement therapy.


In addition to our acclaimed medical experts, EVEXIAS also brings together business and industry experts with broad and far-reaching expertise in medical practice management, systems implementation, business development, sales and marketing strategies and compounding pharmaceuticals


EVEXIAS Health Solutions has used the most advance technologic solutions to connect with our medical practices nationwide.  EVEXIAS technology experts have designed, created and implemented our state-of-the-art technology solutions to build a seamless, efficient and accurate system that continuously connects our partners with the EVEXIAS educational platform, EVEXIAS practice development tools, FarmaKeio Custom Compounding Pharmacy and FKO-outsourcing pharmacy.



EVEXIAS Health Solutions Dr Terri DeNeui Presents Hormone Havoc - We provide Patient Seminars for your patients to learn.




We back up our partnership commitment by supplying each partner-practice with a dedicated and extensively trained Practice Development Specialist to serve as a docent to guide you through the transition into a truly “integrated” practice.  From how to order a prescription from FarmaKeio (our own superior custom compounding pharmacy) to how to set up a pellet tray, operate an autoclave, spark interest with existing patients, re-order marketing material or even conduct a patient seminar .…your Practice Development Specialist will have the answers.  When your questions turn more medical the EVEXIAS partnership continues by ensuring each partner-practice can reach out to our internationally known medical experts for answers to more complicated medical inquiries.


The EVEXIAS partnership goes beyond training, therapies and tools for business success, we pledge continuing and constant support, on-going education and the latest on evidence-based Medical Wellness products and services. We know that successful integration of any service into your practice requires continuous education and collaboration with like-minded peers.

With EVEXIAS you will have:

  • 24-hour practitioner email
  • Daily social media conversation
  • Monthly practitioner collaborations calls
  • Monthly support staff collaboration


The EVEXIAS program isn’t merely an idea, it is a tested and proven practice model.  Upon implementation of the EVEXIAS practice model in our own clinics, EVEXIAS Medical Centers, experienced immediate improvements in patient satisfaction, patient retention, new patient referrals, practice revenue and practice growth.

Along with our tested and proven practice model, EVEXIAS is also engaged in and researching all of the newest treatments in Medical Wellness and when medical evidence supports it, we bring these therapies on-board and train you to introduce them into your practice.  In addition, our medical experts are continually scrutinizing the most recent medical literature to ensure we are practicing and training our partners according to the medical evidence and the “best practices”.

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