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EVEXIAS™ Health Solutions is an industry leader in Medical Wellness Training for practitioners who desire to integrate Medical Wellness and cash-based services into their practice. Our mission is to impact people’s lives through the advancement of Wellness-based medical care. Using an evidence-based, functional medicine approach to whole body health, EVEXIAS Health Solutions provides practitioners with exceptional medical training, integrative business solutions, innovative products and long-term support. The EVEXIAS goal is to equip our practitioners with the expertise and resources they need to help patients GET WELL, STAY WELL!

But this is how it started…

Two entrepreneurs met, love blossomed, and a medical wellness revolution was born.

When Terri Suresh and Dan DeNeui met on a flight from Dallas to Phoenix in 2009, little did they know that their personal and professional lives were about to change forever. As the two prepare to expand their medical wellness business, EVEXIAS™ Medical Centers (formerly Hormonal Health, Wellness & Aesthetic centers) into Dallas, we asked the Southlake, TX couple to share their story.

A lot has changed since that decisive flight seven years ago. Today, the Southlake couple is at the forefront of a medical wellness revolution that turns the traditional approach to western medicine on its ear. It all began at 2 o’clock one morning while Terri was working her third night shift in a row as an emergency room nurse practitioner. As she explains, “After several years working in emergency care and internal medicine, I became disenchanted with our continual band-aiding of symptoms and the way that western medicine approaches health and wellness.”

At that point, Terri threw her stake in the sand. She decided then and there to open a women’s wellness center. “It was so heartbreaking to see so many people desperate for answers, and all we were doing was writing more prescriptions. From a sick-care perspective, we were only paying attention to patients when they were sick. Nobody was grinding into how to help people stay well, become well and how to prevent disease,” Terri says.

"Desperate for to prevent disease..."

Shortly after Terri opened her Southlake women’s clinic, patients started asking her about hormone pellet therapy. When I first opened the Hormonal Health and Wellness clinic, I was using hormone modalities in the forms of creams and patches. Then patients kept bringing up pellet therapy and specifically named a local doctor who offered the therapy,” Terri says. He and I ended up talking extensively about the therapy and its effectiveness, which led me to Arizona to train with the pioneer of hormone pellet therapy Dr. Gino Tutera.” Which brings us back to that flight from Dallas to Phoenix. Dan knew he met someone special the first moment he laid eyes on Terri.

As he explains, “This is a true story, as we first saw each other in the airplane aisle, I didn’t know who she was, but I knew that our chance meeting was extremely significant. I just felt it in my gut. It was one of those spiritual ‘aha’ moments.”

It wasn’t long before the two realized that they have walked very similar lives, even before they knew each other, and they fell in love. The two also share common ground when it comes to their faith; they’re members of Gateway Church in Southlake. Following the Arizona trip, Terri began transitioning her patients from patches and creams to pellet therapy. As she explains, “The pellet therapy modality is far superior when done properly, and the demand for it just exploded due to those results.”

Initially, Terri was operating her wellness clinic out of an Executive Office Suite in Southlake. She needed help with business structure and strategy, and Dan agreed to collaborate with her on the operation of the clinic. In business, as in love, the two entrepreneurs found a special synergy with one another. “The key part is her brain processes information very much like my brain processes information – but in two different ways,” Dan says. “Her gift is on the medical side, research and delivering the best level of patient care, and my gift is for growing businesses.”

That synergy paid off, and the practice grew rapidly. Terri was treating hundreds of patients with hormone pellet therapy, as well as medical cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. The business has since expanded and offers many additional life changing, evidence-based, medical therapies and technologies for women and men.

Recently, the couple (who married in 2015) decided it was time to re-brand the health and wellness business. “We do so much more than hormone pellet therapy and the practice is no longer geared solely to women. More men are becoming interested in wellness, especially as the effectiveness of testosterone pellet therapy has become known,” Terri says.

They chose the name EVEXIAS™, which is a Greek word meaning “much wellness” or “exuberance about wellness.” Today, EVEXIAS™ Medical Centers operates out of four locations in Southlake, Rockwall, Denver Colorado and Columbia Missouri.

What started as a small women’s wellness clinic has evolved into a growing medical wellness philosophy that continues to change the lives of thousands of men and women with pellet therapy and other leading-edge medical and aesthetic treatments.

Terri Suresh-DeNeui, the Founder and CEO of EVEXIAS™ Medical Centers, and Dan DeNeui (the yin to Terri’s yang) reside in Colleyville, Texas.

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